Pest Control

Westlock County operates various programs to alleviate and reduce the incidences of Pest within the County.

Beaver Control Program
To reduce the incidences of beaver related flooding, both public and private lands can access the Beaver Control Program. Westlock County employs a beaver trapper to investigate and handle complaints.

Predator Control
The predator Control Program was put in place to eliminate coyote predation problems. If there is evidence of coyote harassment that standard prevention measures cannot control, bait is available from the County.

Grasshopper Survey
Westlock County completes an annual inspection of rural areas to assist in producing a provincial grasshopper forecast map.

In the last decade, raccoons have become an agricultural wildlife nuisance in Alberta.  Raccoons thrive in close association with man, and their numbers are increasing in the urban fringes.  As they become more abundant in Alberta, problems of bird depredation, disease transmission and agricultural damage will increase.
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