Weed Control

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Vegetation Management

Westlock County has been divided into four separate areas with each area being sprayed on a rotational yearly basis. Spraying begins as early as June 1st and can continue up to August 31st. There is public notification each year announcing the area to be sprayed.

Spot spraying may be conducted in other locations as designated by the Agricultural Fieldman.

Restricted Weed Control Program
Westlock County operates a weed inspection program to ensure that the following weeds do not become established within County boundaries.

Potential Noxious Weed Risk through Manitoba Hay

Upon siting any of the above mentioned weeds, the Agricultural Fieldman shall provide a means of control consistent with recommended weed control practices.

Weed Inspection Program
Westlock County conducts annual weed inspections to control the growth and spread of noxious weeds within the County. Weed inspections begin as early as June with all lands in the County inspected each year. Landowners who have weed infestations are notified and informed of appropriate actions to resolve the issue. The standard time frame for weed control is 7 days.


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