Unsightly Premises Bylaw

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Most Westlock County residents take great pride in the appearance of their property, and value well-kept neighborhoods as part of the overall quality of life. The Unsightly Premises Bylaw applies to situations that have a negative effect on other people and their enjoyment of their property. This bylaw covers issues such as unsightly property. The bylaw may apply to properties with an excessive amount of:

  (1) Upon which there is: 

  1. i) Litter;
  2. ii) Tall and unkempt grass, trees and/or shrubs that are unkempt, or that may in any way interfere with or endanger lines, poles, conduits, pipes, sewers or other works of a Municipality or other public utility,
  3. iii) Any whole or parts of machinery, motor vehicle(s) or other manufactured goods which are dumped, discarded, stored, abandoned or otherwise disposed of or situated on or near any lands, building or premises;
  4. iv) No more than two unregistered vehicles in any rural subdivision or hamlet,

(2) That is not in keeping with the surrounding properties or community standards;

(3) That is not neat in appearance, being caused by carelessness, causing visual or sensory pollution to another person


 Bylaw 17-2012

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