Fire Permits and Guardians

The Fire Permit Program allows the Westlock County Fire Services to take a proactive approach to fire safety and education. All residents must have a fire permit before lighting any fires.  You must either come to the office or contact the Fire Guardian closest to the potential burn site as listed below.  An application for approval to conduct open burning will need to be completed for insurance purpose before contacting the Fire Guardian.


Low Hazard Fireworks require a "Purchase and Discharge Application form" to be filled out prior to purchase of Fireworks and is available at Westlock County Office BEFORE you contact the Fire Guardians and they will co-ordinate the best time to inspect site allowing time for you to complete the checklist and adivise neighbors of the time and date.
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Fire Guardians

County Fire Chief
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 780-307-0530

Fawcett Area
Roy Forbes 780-349-0139

Westlock / Clyde Area

Ken Moon 780-915-9850                                                                                 

Pickardville Area
Harvey Provost 780-349-0668         


Fire Protection Bylaw 05-2015

An application for a Fire Permit for burning Peat must be made on or before March 31st in a given calendar year.  Fire Permits authorizing Peat burning shall only be issued between July 1 st and August 31. A Permit for burning Peat will be issued for 30 days and may be extended for a maximum of an additional 21 days with approval from the County Fire Chief



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