Land Use Bylaws

Westlock County Council adopted a new and improved Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw on April 26, 2016.  The process was lengthy and in-depth, it was not an easy or simple task making decisions that you know are intended to shape the County for years to come.

The New MDP is written for today's growth trends while still focusing on our agricultural community and has clearly written policies leaving less room for misinterpretation.  It guides land use and infrastructure decisions and ensures there is a balance between economic, social, physical development and environmental considerations. It confirms Westlock County‚Äôs desire to remain predominantly rural with outstanding employment and recreational opportunities.

The new LUB is more effective and a current planning document as it speaks to the growth , trends, development and planning of multi lots while providing over 200 definitions of terms & uses.  It regulates and controls the use and development of land and buildings to achieve orderly and economic development of land. The LUB divides the municipality into districts that prescribe and regulate the purpose for which land and buildings may be used.



Hamlet and Multi Lot Maps

Hamlet of Busby
Hamlet of Dapp
Hamlet of Fawcett
Hamlet of Jarvie
Hamlet of Nestow
Hamlet of Pibroch
Hamlet of Pickardville
Hamlet of Tawatinaw
Hamlet of Vimy
Moon Acres
Spruce Hill Estates
Wakomao Lake
Komarnisky Subdivision
Long Island Lake Center
Long Island Lake South
Long Island Lake North
Willow Layne Subdivision
Westview Estates
Brown Subdivision
Regal Park

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