Snow Removal

The goal of Westlock County is to clear snow from all roadways within four to five days after the end of a major snowfall. The removal of snow from approaches and driveways will not be done until roadways have been cleared.

Clearing of snow from County Roadways will take place in this priority:

  • Arterial roads
  • School bus routes
  • Commercial/Industrial haul routes
  • Collector roads
  • Hamlet roads
  • Other local roads
  • Roads to graveyards
  • Community Hall approaches & parking lots

Individuals who wish to have their residence approaches and driveways plowed must purchase a flag from the County office at a cost of $30.00 dollars (including GST) per flag and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement which is kept on file for future reference.

Erect the flag and make it readily visible to our County grader operators at the driveway access point. The flag will then be picked up by the Patrol operator at the time of doing the driveway. Driveways will be done at the discretion of the County, and will only be done from the road to the area where the car or truck is normally parked, near the residence. The County does not make any guarantees as to when the equipment will be available to perform the work.

If you need to get out of your personal driveway sooner than the four to five day snow removal turnaround by our Graders then you are responsible to make your own arrangements for driveway clearing.  Contact our office for a list of contractors that may be available to assist you with clearing your driveway.

In case of an emergency where ambulance/fire/police have to be dispatched  by 911 please contact our office or after hours emergency line to have a specific route/driveay cleared for safe enterance and exit for emergency vehicles and the safety of the patient or resident.

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