Acceptable Waste

Transfer Station Containers and Landfill Pit
General household garbage, old furniture, non-salvageable metals, plastics (all types), waste shingles, limited quantities of non-burnable wood, any other material not otherwise restricted or requiring separation.

Burn Barrel Pit
Burn barrel refuse only.  NOTE: Old discarded barrels must be placed in metal salvage area

Burn Pit
Soiled cardboard (Limited Quantities) and wood and wood products - NO TREATED WOOD

Designated Material Sites
Batteries, tires, wire, cardboard, metal salvage, drained oil filters, empty pesticide containers, household appliances, and paint.

Non-Accepted Products
Hay or straw, manure, sewage or fertilizer, the whole or part of dead animals or fowl, oil, flammable liquids, industrial waste or chemicals, insecticides and herbicides.  No item or container greater than three cubic metres.

Conditionally Accepted Products
Posts, poles, tree branches and stumps( 4' or shorter), wire (rolled and bound) building materials, parts of buildings, sand, gravel, concrete, wood chips, and soil.  Limited small quantities of concrete, parching, etc may be allowed by special approval of the Director of Environmental Services.

PLEASE NOTE: No scavenging permitted. Please sort and tarp your loads.

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