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Hamlet Collection

Westlock County has a bi-weekly fully automated curbside trash collection system utilizing a 65 or 95 gallon cart. One of the major benefits of the cart system is that it allows drivers to use a mechanical arm to dump the waste into the truck rather than manually heaving each bag in. An automated system provides a more reliable service and is safer for the waste collection operators.

Click to Download the 2024 Hamlet Waste Collection Calendar

Curbside Collection

The cart requires two meters on all sides so the automated truck can lift it. Leave at least two meters between your cart and fences, mailboxes, overhanging tree limbs, parked cars and any other objects.

If you have a curb

  • Place the wheels of the cart in the gutter between the curb and the road. Your cart will be on the road.
  • Serial Number should face the road.

If you do not have a curb

  • Place the cart out at the edge of your front property line on the road. Ensure that the cart is stable on a flat area and the wheels are closest to the ditch or your property line.
  • Serial Number should face the road.

Storing and Cleaning

Carts can be stored anywhere on your property. It is best to keep them in a shaded cool spot. Clean the carts the same way you would clean a garbage can. Rinse them periodically to wash off any debris. Empty all the water from the cart and allow it to dry completely.

Damaged Carts

The carts are the property of GFL and must remain with the property if you move.

  • If you want to identify your carts, you can attach a tag (such as a luggage tag) to your cart handle with your name or house number on it. Please do not spray paint or alter your carts.
  • Lids should open and close easily. Westlock County will replace any cart that breaks or cracks through normal use.
  • If your cart is damaged or needs repairs, call Westlock County.
  • Carts must not be altered or painted. Carts that are damaged by improper use or abuse will be subject to a replacement fee.