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Pest Control

Westlock County operates various programs to alleviate and reduce the incidences of pests within the County.

Beaver Control Program

To reduce the incidences of beaver related flooding, both public and private lands can access the Beaver Control Program. Westlock County employs a beaver trapper to investigate and handle complaints.

Blasting Beaver Dams with Explosives:   Protocol from the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Removal of beaver dams by hand or machinery do not require a Request of Review as long as you are able follow avoidance measures to protect fish habitat and remove the beaver dam slowly and in sections. 

Check the DFO website for full Avoidance Measures information and related links to request a review of your project near water:

Predator Control

The predator Control Program was put in place to eliminate coyote predation problems. If there is evidence of coyote harassment that standard prevention measures cannot control, bait is available from the County.


Clubroot prevents the uptake of water and nutrients and causes yield loss.  The program is designed to educate the producers while minimizing yield losses due to clubroot and reduce the further spread and buildup of clubroot in canola.  Clubroot inspections are also part of the program, inspections provide early detection for our farmers as they manage the disease on their farms.