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Transfer Stations

Waste Transfer Station Holiday Hours of Operation



Saturday, December 24, 2022, Noon- 3pm

Saturday, December 31, 2022, Noon-3pm

Westlock County provides four Waste Transfer Stations for County Residents. Waste Transfer Stations are not Landfills, but holding areas where waste is stored on a temporary basis until it is trucked to the Westlock Regional Landfill. The Waste Transfer Station attendant has the right to refuse large loads. Please take large loads directly to the Westlock Regional Landfill. All users must obtain a permit from the County Office before accessing a Waste Transfer Station.


Jarvie   SE 30-63-26 W4  26517-TWP 634

Busby   NW27-57-27 W4  57419- RRD 273

Pibroch NW19-61-26 W4  26529 TWP 614

Vimy     SW03-59-24 W4   59013 RRD 243