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Regional Notification System

Westlock Regional Notification System and Westlock Area Crime Coalition

The Westlock Regional Notification System provides a timely and consistent approach to emergency and municipal communications in our region.

Partnering with the Town of Westlock and the Village of Clyde, this system provides options to customize the information you wish to receive and how you receive it. Whether by text message, automated phone calls, social media, or email, you can choose which municipality or a combination of information from the region. (Transportation, Utilities, Waste Disposal, Community, Council updates, Emergency Services, etc.)

In addition to communications, we are actively working towards reducing crime through awareness, crime prevention and reporting suspicious activities in our region through the added use of W.A.C.C. (Westlock and Area Crime Coalition).

You can also call the Administration office at 780-349-3346 and we will register for you.

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